Filling Critical Roles for a Fortune 500 Company

A healthcare company needed to hire 220 contact center reps for a training class and gave us 6 weeks to hire them ... but we only needed 2.


A Fortune-500 healthcare company came to CXninja with a massive hiring problem: with the impending open enrollment season of 2022 fast approaching, they needed a specialized call center staffing provider to help them recruit and onboard 220 contact center representatives, backed by an additional 70 reserves. The clock was ticking, and the pressure was on, as our client granted us only 6 weeks to hire, onboard, and prepare these reps for the training class.


Acting as our customer's trusted CX staffing provider, we used our advanced AI technology to quickly and efficiently hire and onboard the required contact center reps in under two weeks. This solution came with the following benefits:

  1. Our Expansive Talent Cloud - We selected 384 reps from our huge database who fit the client's specific criteria.
  2. Consistent Communication - Our proprietary software remained in contact with each rep throughout the assessment and hiring process. Each task a candidate completed triggered the next message to provide them with an ongoing stream of communication.
  3. Extra Reps On-Hand - By the end of our process, we had 90 extra reps ready to start as a backup plan. The client took them all.


  • Our Talent Cloud holds 200,000 fully-vetted contact center reps.
  • No lag time or break in communication. Reps are very confident in the job they have.
  • Hire contact center reps quickly and efficiently: our process is streamlined to reduce hiring costs.
  • Our skill-matched reps are more satisfied with their roles, which reduces attrition!


50% Less Attrition!

Over the long term, our skill-matched reps were less likely to turn over, greatly reducing attrition for our client.

0 Surprises

Thanks to our ongoing communication throughout our process, we knew that 3 of the selected reps would not be able to start on day 1, and we were prepared.

Staffed fully in 14 days - cutting hiring time by over 70%

We hired, vetted, and onboarded all the reps our client needed in two weeks, surpassing our client's already tight deadline.

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