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Staffing team selecting qualified CX candidates

Smart System Diagnosis Tool

System checker is a quick solution to diagnose a candidate system compatibility, and generate and send reports within a snap.

What sets CXninja's staffing solutions apart?

CXninja is more than just a traditional call center staffing agency. As a specialized staffing solutions provider, we exclusively focus on CX and remote hiring across all levels, from entry-level to professional positions. From customer service reps and help desk professionals to benefits administrators and collections agents, our cutting-edge automated technology dramatically enhances the candidate experience with a focus on communication and hiring speed. Our AI-powered unbiased approach ensures that every candidate who applies has the opportunity to move through the assessment process with ease. This approach allows us to better skill-match employees for each role, leading to a substantial reduction in turnover and a marked decrease in hiring expenses.

CXninja offers a wide variety of hiring solutions to fit your specific needs, including Temporary, Temp-to-Hire, Direct Hire, Employer of Record, and Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO). No matter the number of call center agents or other staff you need to hire, we have a scalable solution to fit your unique situation.

Reduction In 1st Day No-ShowsCXninjas are engaged, reliable and ready to deliver support
Better Hiring SuccessWith our robust, Fully vetted customer service talent cloud
Reduction in Time to FillRapid access to high quality customer service talent
Decrease in Employee TurnoverThorough vetting, abundant
opportunity & high satisfaction
Guess WorkHire for proven skills that
make a difference
Decrease in Negative AttritionThoroughly assessed, verified
CXninjas get the job done

How Our Staffing Process Works

Our experts match you with a right-size team of highly-qualified, fully-vetted customer service pros:


Talk with our Experts

Tell us what you need – your challenges & what you’re looking for in your customer service team.

Meet Your Match

We match you with a right size team of qualified customer service pros from our talent cloud – ensuring the right skill & culture fit.

Get to Work

Your CXninja team deploys, joins your training class & then provides excellent customer support working side-by-side with your team & managers.

Customers & Ninjas are Saying…

customer testimonial
"My experience with CXninja (ASK Consulting) was the best experience. They are very professional; they make sure to solve any issues you are having with paperwork to the job."
- Takeyah Workman
Customer testimonial
"Working with CXninja (ASK Consulting) has been a great experience. I started with the company September of 2021 and had an amazing recruiter. Whenever I had questions or concerns, he was there to respond quickly and made sure everything would run smoothly for me. No bad run-ins with the company at all. I would totally recommend the company to a friend or anyone who is searching for employment"
- Destiany Dobson
"Working for CXninja/ASK has been a great experience. My recruiter was great and was available for my every need. The staffing agency made sure I had all equipment and links needed to start working from home. The hiring process is not stressful. I am very thankful for this opportunity."
- Alice Belk
“I have had the best experience with Ask Consulting. They are very professional, responsive & a great agency to work for. I value my experience with them.  I am regrettably leaving for a full-time remote offer. But if the opportunity arises, I’ll be back. If you are looking for a great agency to work for, trust ASK. 5 stars isn’t enough to rate my experience."
- Tonia Poole
"Starting with CXninja/ ASK Staffing was very simple.  The application and onboarding were quick and easy to understand.  I also spoke with my recruiter on several occasions throughout the process which I really appreciated because it kept me from having any questions.  He reached out to me by email and was very responsive to my phone calls and questions in a timely manner.  I also received an update from him about the status of my application without even asking.  I have no complaints and look forward to working with them in the future.  Thank you so very much for making my start with you guys so simple"
- Carlander Shumpert
"Nice place to work everybody is Nice the pay is good, and you can easily get promoted if you put in enough effort"
- Ghislain Indama
Cxninja staffing specialist vetting candidate

Rigorous & Ongoing

5+ hours of vetting

Interviews, background verifications & skills testing – we thoroughly examine every part of our Ninjas’ history & capabilities to ensure the right match.

Continuous learning & engagement

Ongoing education & engagement opportunities ensure our Ninjas keep learning, expanding their skills & growing their customer service career – benefitting everyone.

Get a CXninja Team

And get to work delighting your customers with fully-vetted, highly trained customer service experts.

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