Hiring Niche CX Talent for a Leading Industrial Supplier

A leading industrial distributor needed help addressing serious flaws in their CX hiring process. CXninja’s proprietary automated CX staffing solutions were just what they needed.


In today’s fast-paced and review-driven business environment, success hinges on having a responsive and adaptable support team. Our client, one of North America's largest industrial distributors, faced a pressing challenge: refining the recruitment process for their e-commerce customer support team. With products and promotions changing rapidly and often unexpectedly, they sought candidates who possessed exceptional English writing skills, lightning-fast typing abilities, and who could swiftly adapt to changing demands.

However, their internal hiring team grappled with a shortage of qualified candidates and lacked the tools to make objective decisions efficiently. This resulted in wasted time, interviews with unqualified candidates, and a protracted hiring process. The consequences were clear: a poor candidate experience and a high rate of first-day no-shows. We stepped in as their trusted call center staffing provider to help address this challenge. Our mission was clear: hire customer service reps who could meet the demanding requirements of their dynamic e-commerce environment.


During our discovery process, we identified the key applicant traits required for success: exemplary typing and written English skills, resilience in a fast-paced and ever-changing environment, proficiency in multitasking, and a high aptitude for managing multiple chat and research windows simultaneously.

Leveraging our proprietary automated workflow and AI-powered assessment tool, we embarked on the mission. The challenge was significant, with the need to find candidates typing at 50 words per minute or more while meeting all other qualifications. Remarkably, within 4 business days, 396 candidates underwent our screening process. Among them, 18 stood out, meeting all criteria and excelling in typing skills. We presented 10 of these exceptional candidates to our client, who ultimately selected 8 for interviews and extended offers to 5, filling 4 critical positions.


  • Our Talent Cloud holds 200,000 fully-vetted contact center reps.
  • No lag time or break in communication. Reps are very confident in the job they have.
  • The process is streamlined and automated to reduce hiring costs and time-to-hire.
  • Our candidates are skill-matched to their respective roles which reduces attrition.


In a follow-up call after the project, our client conveyed their unprecedented satisfaction, having never before extended offers to 5 out of 8 interviewed candidates. They were thoroughly impressed with the caliber of talent we delivered. Our collaboration did not end there. Since these hires, we have maintained close contact with the client, and the results speak for themselves: zero attrition after 90 days, and all candidates are on track to successfully complete training and transition from contractors to full-time employees.

Through our tailored approach, innovative tools, and unwavering commitment to excellence, we helped our client transform their talent acquisition process and secure a highly skilled and dedicated team to fuel their business success.

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