Transforming Equipment Deployment for a Leading Life Sciences Company

Our client, a prominent player in the life sciences industry, approached CXninja with a unique problem. Their talent program was seeking a solution to their equipment deployment process for remote employees. They were facing a variety of challenges associated with shipping equipment to hundreds of candidates, and so turned to CXninja’s Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) tool, recognizing the need for a more efficient and effective approach.


Our life sciences client faced a myriad of challenges related to equipment deployment. These challenges included shortages of equipment, struggles with timely delivery, prolonged wait times for receiving equipment, issues with missing equipment and redeployment of missing pieces, and the complexities of handling equipment returns. The logistical hurdles associated with managing these aspects of equipment deployment were hindering the seamless onboarding of new employees and causing discontinuity, greatly impacting workforce productivity.


To address the challenges faced by our client, CXninja introduced a bespoke solution – our custom-built system checker tool. This innovative tool was designed to comprehensively assess all facets of candidates' existing devices, ensuring their suitability for the program and project requirements. The system checker tool enabled the client to efficiently evaluate hundreds of devices simultaneously, eliminating the need for lengthy and resource-intensive manual checks. This not only expedited the process but also provided a reliable mechanism for confirming device compatibility.


·       The CXninja System Checker Module serves as a remote hardware and software testing instrument, specifically designed for WFH and/or remote-work organizations.

·       The module assesses an employee’s or candidate’s home IT set-up to ensure they have the right connectivity and system specs to use the software needed to work remotely and effectively run the programs their role requires.

·       The System Diagnostics module provides a simple “pass” or “fail” result for every IT component you want measured, based on a pre-defined or customized benchmark.

·       The System Diagnostics Module measures Operating System, Processor Speed, Internal RAM, Download and Upload Speed, Network Connectivity, and more. Each component has the option for default or custom requirements.


The implementation of CXninja's BYOD tool yielded transformative results for our client. They greatly appreciated the efficiency gained by being able to check the compatibility of hundreds of devices simultaneously. Our solution significantly improved their employees’ ability to utilize their devices for program needs, effectively alleviating equipment shortages. The streamlined process also ensured that all candidates could commence their roles on day one, reducing delays associated with equipment provisioning.

Furthermore, the BYOD solution significantly reduced the number of devices that needed to be returned, minimizing the associated logistical challenges and potential disruptions. The success of the program was evident, prompting the client to express their intent to increase the percentage of BYOD candidates by 10%-15% based on the success of the current project. Their ultimate goal is to have 40-50% of workers classified as BYOD, demonstrating the enduring impact and value of CXninja's innovative solution in optimizing equipment deployment processes.

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