5 Strategies to Expedite Hiring Without Compromising Candidate Experience

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March 18, 2024

How to Reduce Time-to-Hire Without Sacrificing Candidate Experience

In today's competitive job market, a lengthy time-to-hire is one of the biggest obstacles for companies looking to hire top-tier talent before their competitors do. However, while expediting the hiring process is crucial, maintaining a positive candidate experience is equally important to attract and retain high-quality candidates. Finding the delicate balance between efficiency and candidate satisfaction can be challenging but not impossible. Here are five effective strategies for companies to streamline their hiring process without sacrificing the candidate experience:

Streamline the Application Process:

Simplify and optimize the application process to minimize friction for candidates. Lengthy applications or redundant questions can deter potential hires. Utilize user-friendly applicant tracking systems (ATS) that allow for easy resume uploads and provide clear instructions for each step. Most importantly, never require candidates to duplicate their efforts redundantly (e.g. if you allow candidates to upload their resume, don’t make them then manually type in all their work history on the next page). Additionally, offer the option for candidates to apply using their LinkedIn or other professional profiles to expedite the process further.

Implement Pre-screening Assessments:

Incorporate pre-screening assessments to quickly evaluate candidates' skills and qualifications before advancing them to the interview stage. These assessments can include coding challenges, personality assessments, or job-specific quizzes. Unbiased assessments and automated scoring systems can swiftly identify top performers, allowing recruiters to focus their attention on the most promising candidates, thereby reducing time-to-hire. Objective skill assessments can also be game-ified, giving candidates a fun and engaging way to prove their skills, and preventing any feelings of unfairness if they are disqualified.

Utilize Video Interviews:

Integrate video interviews into the hiring process to eliminate scheduling conflicts and accelerate the interview phase. Pre-recorded video interviews, where candidates respond to predefined questions at their convenience, save time for both candidates and hiring managers. Moreover, live video interviews enable real-time interactions, providing a more personal touch compared to traditional phone screenings while expediting the evaluation process. To learn more about why candidates and hiring managers are both preferring virtual interviews to in-person ones in 2024, download our FREE whitepaper.

Foster Effective Communication:

Establish transparent and proactive communication channels with candidates to keep them informed throughout the hiring journey. Promptly acknowledge receipt of applications, provide updates on the status of their candidacy, and offer constructive feedback following interviews or assessments. Leveraging automated email templates and scheduling tools can streamline communication workflows while maintaining a personalized touch.

Optimize Decision-Making Processes:

Streamline decision-making processes by involving key stakeholders early on and establishing clear evaluation criteria. Implement structured interview frameworks to ensure consistency and objectivity in candidate assessments. Additionally, leverage data-driven insights from applicant tracking systems to identify bottlenecks and continuously optimize hiring workflows. By fostering collaboration among hiring teams and leveraging technology, companies can expedite decision-making without compromising quality.

Putting it into practice:

Reducing time-to-hire while preserving the candidate experience is achievable through strategic optimizations and leveraging technology effectively. By streamlining the application process, implementing pre-screening assessments, embracing automation, utilizing video interviews, fostering effective communication, and optimizing decision-making processes, companies can expedite hiring timelines while leaving a positive impression on candidates. Embracing these strategies not only enhances recruitment efficiency but also helps attract and retain top talent in today's competitive job market.

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