6 Strategies for Travel Industry Staffing Success

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October 30, 2023

6 Strategies for Travel Industry Staffing Success

The travel industry is no stranger to the challenges of high-volume staffing and niche hiring. Airlines, hotels, cruise lines, and other travel-related businesses frequently require large numbers of seasonal or temporary staff to meet increased demands during peak travel seasons. However, the process of hiring for these roles in such a dynamic industry can be complex and time-consuming. In this blog post, we will explore strategies and best practices to improve the staffing process within the travel industry.

Streamline the Application Process

Start by simplifying the application process. A lengthy and complicated application can discourage potential candidates. Implementing a user-friendly application process and allowing applicants to upload their resumes or connect with their LinkedIn profiles expedites the normally repetitive process and improves the candidate experience, greatly decreasing the likelihood of applicants abandoning the process midway through.

Leverage Technology

Automation technology can greatly expedite the application and assessment process, taking unnecessary burdens off both the applicant and the recruitment team. Additionally, automated assessments (such as the type developed by CXninja) provide an unbiased way of further refining your candidate pool while giving all applicants the chance to attempt assessments and prove their skills without bogging down the hiring team.

Pre-Screening and Assessments

Implement pre-screening questionnaires and assessments to quickly identify qualified candidates. These assessments can help you evaluate skills, experience, and personality traits that are crucial for success in the travel industry. CXninja employs a thorough skill-matching process, which helps reduce employee turnover by ensuring that candidates are the correct fit for the relevant role, and have the necessary skills to thrive in the demanding travel industry environment.

Open Lines of Communication

Effective communication is key. To help prevent candidate attrition, make sure to keep candidates informed about their application status, guide them throughout the hiring process, and be responsive to their inquiries. Timely response emails and updates help maintain a positive candidate experience by preventing them from feeling “ghosted” by the very company they would like to work for. CXninja’s AI-powered automated technology provides constant updates to candidates, accompanying them throughout their journey, all without placing any additional burden on already-stressed hiring teams.

Employee Referral Programs

Encourage your current staff to refer friends and acquaintances for open positions. Employee referral programs can help you tap into a network of potential candidates who are likely to be a good cultural fit for your organization. They also encourage your employees to act as ambassadors, providing positive word of mouth about your company to the people they invite to apply. Referral bonuses can also help reduce employee turnover by motivating employees to stay with the organization and find talent who will thrive in the company.

Partner With a Specialized Staffing Agency

Consider collaborating with a specialized staffing provider like CXninja, with extensive expertise in sourcing and placing niche and high-volume candidates across all levels of customer-facing roles in the travel industry. Working with a specialized provider like CXninja gives you access a vast talent pool of fully vetted professionals, streamlining the hiring process and reducing cost and time-to-fill, all while taking unnecessary burden off your internal teams.


With rapid shifts in demand, a large variety of skilled niche roles, and a high level of seasonality, the travel industry is no stranger to staffing challenges. When every customer interaction counts, CXninja's rapid hiring and extensive talent pool are game changers. With CXninja's support, travel companies can ensure they have the right team in place to deliver exceptional service and keep their operations running smoothly. The future of travel industry staffing is here, and it's powered by CXninja.

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