Joining the Right Talent Cloud Brightens Your Career Horizons

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February 20, 2023

When, where, and how people do their jobs is completely different than it was just a few short years ago. It’s not surprising that the way job seekers search for new career opportunities has shifted as well. The emergence of Talent Clouds, for instance, has opened up a new world of possibilities in many fields. Unless you happen to be, say, an orthopedic surgeon, you have newfound freedom to find remote work online.

Career flexibility is one bright spot to emerge from the challenging start to the 2020s. Companies have realized that creative work arrangements mean they are no longer restricted to only the best talent in their geographic area. They can now recruit the top candidates in their industry, virtually anywhere in the world. That epiphany can be your gain.

Potential employees have a wide range of reasons for favoring these new working conditions. For many, the lack of a commute represents time back in their day to take care of both life’s daily chores and small pleasures. How many people have you heard talk about the joys of throwing in a load of laundry during the day? That’s how intent members of the workforce are about achieving work-life balance.  

Millennials have even brought to the forefront the notion of being able to travel while on the job. If they can code a website in Wisconsin, why not in Spain for a few weeks? This type of mobility holds great appeal for those who want more out of life than sitting at a desk. The fact is, many business leaders understand that employees are often both more productive and more satisfied when afforded this kind of freedom.  

Whatever your reasons for broadening your career horizons, the Talent Cloud model is making it attainable. In a short amount of time, this approach has become the future of employee empowerment.  

Okay, What Exactly is a Talent Cloud?

This concept is as simple as it sounds. Think of it like a job interview you do just once and then hundreds of employers get to see your profile and learn what you have to offer. Not only that, but the people behind the cloud are out there tooting your horn to hiring managers the world over. By working with an online talent source that’s focused solely on vetting and sharing qualified applicants in your field, you’ll be putting yourself right on center stage.  

This model leverages major advancements in cloud computing and digital transformation, allowing you to become part of a pre-qualified bank of job candidates available to companies everywhere. The approach sprung from the daunting reality of filling major talent gaps in key industries. Using algorithms that match skills to job requirements, suddenly, the same seamless access we have to everything from streaming movies to online shopping is now available to hiring managers. Which gives you a chance to be the job-seeking equivalent of a Top 10 Netflix movie.

Prospective employers are no longer finding efficiencies in traditional recruiting tactics, particularly when it comes to highly specialized niche professions. As the worker shortage continues to plague hiring managers, companies are spending more time and money to keep up. They need your skills right away – and the Talent Cloud puts you in their sights. This means no more rounds and rounds of futile interviews with traditional recruiters. And no more desperate LinkedIn searches trying to find the right opportunities.  

What’s the Upside for Workers?

Until recently, the alternative to using traditional recruiters has been to simply accept the limitations of local job openings or the standard freelance options available. Now, the ability to take advantage of a Talent Cloud brings many benefits as you look to build your career.  

Continuous Learning and Growth: It’s not just about being placed in a database and waiting for a match. The best Talent Cloud providers will offer you a clear career path. You’ll have opportunities to continue to hone your craft, learn new skills, and remain highly engaged in your profession.  

Diversity: There can be inherent biases in traditional recruiting, whereas a Talent Cloud algorithm is blind to anything other than the applicant’s abilities. To that end, testing and interviews are often done in a manner that will not reveal the gender or ethnic background of the candidate. Even in its early days, the Talent Cloud approach has already leveled the playing field for women and minorities who have all the requisite skills to perform at a high level.  

Sustainability: By its very nature, the Talent Cloud model will help to lower carbon footprints by lessening the need for traditional brick-and-mortar facilities. Not to mention the emissions reductions to be realized through fewer cars commuting to and from work.

How Do You Take Advantage of Talent Clouds?

All Talent Clouds are not created equal. You need to do some due diligence in two key areas. For one, you need to make sure that the career field you are interested in is well supported by the Talent Cloud model. As expected, jobs in tech make up a large percentage of roles being filled this way.  

More fields are starting to emerge, however, including roles in areas like customer service. This is one great example of a skill that is in high demand, in large numbers, and requires a unique skill set. The ability to source strong customer service reps quickly and reliably is a game-changer for many organizations – and one that holds limitless potential for you.  

Secondly, dig deep to make sure the platform you choose is credible and fits the way you want to work. With customer service, for example, look for evidence that you will receive the training you need to be successful, and that you have a fair opportunity to earn your way in to gain the best opportunities.  

Sure, some people fear that the robots are taking over. However, the leading Talent Clouds counteract any sense of depersonalization inherent in the process. They work to interject a human touch wherever possible and truly seek to make you a viable candidate for job roles you would never have been privy to in the past. The right Talent Cloud puts a spotlight on what makes you special – for all the world to see.

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