White Paper: CXninja Automates the Customer Service Hiring Process

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April 13, 2023

As a specialized CX staffing provider, CXninja's mission is to remove the inefficiency and human error inherent in the manual process of recruiting, hiring, and onboarding customer service agents. Using traditional traditional call center staffing agencies or in-house processes, completing the hiring cycle can typically require as many as 45 days. The automated CXninja platform enables organizations to source, screen, select, and onboard new agents in approximately two weeks.

Customer Service Hiring Challenges

The role of customer-facing representatives continues to rise in importance for companies nationwide in virtually every industry. According to a HubSpot survey, “80% of respondents said they’d stopped doing business with a company because of a poor customer experience.”

Yet the barriers to making timely and quality hires have only increased. This is due to several factors:

Turnover: These professionals are on the front lines of the customer experience, requiring them to work under close scrutiny at all times. This level of responsibility can lead to burnout, adding to the already significant burden of employee retention in a competitive marketplace. As a result, there is a continual need to replenish FTEs.  

Quantity of Talent Pool: There simply are not enough candidates interested in this career field to fill the growing number of vacancies. Many companies are beginning to allow remote working arrangements, which may alleviate the shortage to an extent. However, the rise of the gig economy and other bourgeoning retail opportunities have siphoned off a noticeable faction of available candidates who may otherwise have considered a career in customer service.

Quality of Talent Pool: Successful call center agents possess important attributes such as poise, agile thinking, articulation, a positive disposition, and pleasant voice quality. In some cases, more specific skills are required, such as foreign language aptitude, or knowledge of a particular industry. Both tight timeframes and lack of effective assessment tools often lead to candidates who lack these qualities making it through the screening process.  

Onboarding Failures: Rushing new hires into their roles can doom the efficacy of their performance from the start. Onboarding processes that are either insufficient or nearly non-existent lead to multiple negative issues emerging quickly. The first is poor quality performance by the agents while on the job, given that their deficiencies were not detected, and they were placed in a role they were ill-suited for. The second is the likelihood that the individual will vacate their position prematurely, as the frustration of underperforming leads to dissatisfaction.  

The CXninja Automated Approach

The engineering of the CXninja platform, and the recruiting strategy underpinning the technology, are based on two key tenets:

Generate a higher number -- and higher quality -- of candidates.

This first-of-its-kind platform makes the process more engaging and more convenient for job seekers to complete. By focusing on the importance of understanding and nurturing candidates, CXninja is able to keep more high performers in the pipeline for hiring companies to select. This allows the company to satisfy its FTE needs without sacrificing quality when looking to hire contact center agents quickly, or complete a high volume call center staffing project.

Generate better matches for the hiring organization.

This unique technology collects the types of identifying data that accurately predict the likelihood of a candidate’s success. The results for the hiring company include sought-after KPIs of: fewer first-day no-shows, better performance once the candidate is on the job, and lower turnover moving forward.

The nucleus of the platform is a robust, highly customized screening process. It is based upon the idea that the hiring company requires a more sophisticated set of assessments to determine early on whether candidates meet key criteria, along with the belief that by making these assessments more engaging, more candidates will be more willing to complete them.

Candidate Application Process

Once a customer service job opening has been created, employment ads are placed across multiple online career platforms and targeted toward strong potential candidates. Jobseekers interested in the opportunity click through to the CXninja website where they can make themselves available for consideration. By joining the database of candidates, they are also able to find and apply for other customer service jobs available on the platform.  

Step 1. New candidates complete a Profile that establishes them on the site for all future opportunities they may be interested in. Here, they will post their resume, their key skills, and their location. They also answer screening questions about their preferences, such as full-time versus part-time, remote work versus on-site roles, and the hours they are willing to work. This is the baseline of the personal synopsis that the software will sort through in order to link the candidate to appropriate job openings.  

Step 2. Next, the CXninja software generates a level of granularity that other digital platforms are not capable of, and that would be cumbersome to undertake manually. The candidate completes a range of carefully constructed assessments to identify precisely what tasks they are qualified to perform. These assessments evaluate capabilities such as typing skills, problem-solving, and unique but vital information like home Internet speed for remote applicants. The hallmark of CXninja is the ability to screen for any customized concerns of the hiring company.  

For instance, language fluency may be a key consideration. The CXninja platform can assess the candidate’s competency in 11 different languages. Their verbal responses in language are evaluated by the algorithm to ascertain and grade the level of fluency in a particular language. This capability alleviates the attrition that occurs when candidates self-identify their level of ability to speak a language, only to prove that they’ve overstated their proficiency once on the job.

In order to foster greater participation and completion of the assessments, the software is designed to be engaging and convenient. Many of the assessments are “game-ified” to make the task simpler and more enjoyable. Candidates earn badges for the sections they complete, giving them a sense of accomplishment early on. Another way the system encourages completion is the ability for candidates to start and stop their work, save their place, and return to it later. This feature lowers abandonment rates considerably.  

Step 3. Now, candidates can leverage their full profile to apply for jobs that interest them. They benefit from being part of a clearinghouse where they need to upload their data only once, rather than having to continually enter the same information over and over every time they wish to apply for a job. For hiring companies, that means more qualified candidates available in the pipeline.  

Matching the Right Candidates to the Right Companies

The CXninja platform pulls the appropriate data from the candidate profiles created and automatically builds a list of individuals who meet the criteria established by the hiring company. Whereas the prevailing approach in the call center staffing industry is to manually sort through this data, automating the process drastically reduces the timeline from first contact to start date. And just as importantly, our platform yields far more accurate matches to the needs of the job role. The hiring company receives a shortlist of well-vetted agents who are ready to work.  

Once a candidate has been selected by the hiring company, the CXninja platform continues to shepherd both sides through the onboarding process. The new agent will receive several email touch points throughout the onboarding process – which serve both to ensure clarity of expectations and to keep the agent engaged as they await their first day. To avoid overload and confusion, each email includes one key message such as: the details of their official offer, the date of their training webinar, confirmation of their shift time, or everything they need to know for their start date. This steady flow of information greatly reduces the issue of agents failing to report for work on their start date due to having been left out of the loop after receiving an offer.

Concurrently, CXninja keeps a watchful eye on the onboarding process, maintaining visibility to the status of the agent’s background check and drug test to ensure there are no delays in that regard. While the automated process plays out, a live representative of CXninja reaches out to the new agent personally to answer any questions and assure them that a helpful voice is always available.  

As a specialized contact center staffing provider, CXninja is disrupting the CX staffing industry through automation that streamlines the entire hiring process. The result is the ability of each new class of customer service agents to solve the nagging issues of turnover, candidate shortage, and no-shows. Companies seeking to hire call center reps and CX professionals can expect to reduce attrition by as much as 50%, by having access to agents who are well-vetted, skill-matched, and well-informed, right through to their start date.  

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