Reduce Candidate Attrition with Remote Onboarding

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November 6, 2023

Hire Faster and Reduce Attrition with Remote Onboarding

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, the art of providing an exceptional customer experience remains critical across all industries. However, the CX landscape is undergoing a transformation, and with it, the dynamics of hiring are evolving. As companies adapt to the demands of a digital age, attracting and onboarding remote talent has emerged as a critical challenge within the CX industry. Remote work, once a perk, has become necessary for organizations looking for ways to reduce attrition, and companies are navigating uncharted waters to ensure seamless talent acquisition and integration.

The Challenge:

Recent insights from an ICMI benchmark study shed light on the advantages of remote work in the CX industry as a turnover reduction strategy. Work-from-home (WFH) contact center agents have emerged as champions of employee engagement and retention. The study reveals that WFH agents are 57% more likely to recommend their employer through their eNPS (employee Net Promoter Score) than their counterparts working from physical call centers. Moreover, the WFH model boasts an impressive 80% lower attrition rate, reflecting the preference of agents for flexible work arrangements.

However, despite the evident benefits, hiring and onboarding remote talent comes with its own set of challenges. For instance, remote positions may bring in thousands of applicants, which could take several weeks and a great deal of resources to follow up on. In some cases, candidates are effectively ghosted by companies which may take 3-6 months to reply to their application, hurting the company’s brand and leaving the full potential of their recruitment pipeline untapped.

Companies must navigate the intricacies of providing the necessary training, resources, and support to effectively onboard and retain remote talent. This requires a fine balance between technological innovation and human connection. Establishing effective communication channels and a high level of engagement becomes paramount to ensure that new employees can seamlessly integrate into their roles.

How CXninja Can Help:

CXninja’s specialized staffing solution helps overcome the challenges of remote hiring and onboarding for contact center and CX roles. Traditional call center staffing agencies rely on bloated recruitment and onboarding processes rife with inefficiencies and human errors, resulting in lengthy hire times of up to 45 days.  

In contrast, CXninja's strategic staffing solutions utilize an unbiased approach that provides every candidate instant communication and the opportunity to immediately take the proper steps needed to progress through the screening process.  In turn, companies have instant results of applicants' applications and assessments, ultimately creating a better skill-matched talent pool for each position. This automated process enables organizations to source, screen, select, and onboard new agents in under two weeks.

This speed and efficiency, coupled with a personalized and candidate-centric approach, helps reduce applicant attrition by as much as 50% while fostering an environment where remote hiring and onboarding can work for both candidates and hiring teams.  

CXninja uses a range of carefully constructed assessments to evaluate and determine a candidate’s likelihood to succeed in a given role, assessing qualities such as personality, aptitude, and computer and language proficiency. These assessments are “game-ified” to make the task simpler and more enjoyable for applicants and increase their engagement.  

Once a candidate has been selected by the hiring company, the CXninja platform continues to shepherd both sides through the onboarding process. The new agent will receive several email, phone, or even video touch points throughout the onboarding process – which serve both to ensure clarity of expectations and to keep the agent engaged as they await their first day. This steady flow of information builds a communication bridge with remote applicants and greatly reduces the issue of agents failing to report for work on their start date due to having been left out of the loop after receiving an offer. This frictionless candidate experience helps lay the groundwork for your CX staff to provide your company’s end users a frictionless customer experience.

To learn more about how CXninja can help you hire the best candidates for your organization and reduce attrition by up to 81% through our unique hiring solutions, CLICK HERE.

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