Your CX Career Path Can Take Some Exciting Turns

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May 11, 2023

Building a career as a customer experience agent has plenty of rewards. There is a major demand in the marketplace, and the need continues to grow as organizations prioritize the attention paid to their customers. In addition to the promise of steady work, this profession provides a rewarding environment in which to put your communication and interpersonal skills to work. Still, whether you are just entering the field or have been at it for a few years, it’s only natural to think about your future.  

Being a CX representative puts you on the front lines of the customer journey. As you gain experience you may find yourself ready for new challenges. The good news is, there are plenty of opportunities to build upon the skills that have gotten you this far – so you can reach the next level in your career. What types of roles are right for you will be driven by your personal preferences and individual skillset. Here are some of the options on the CX career ladder.

Customer Experience Supervisor

As an agent, the next step in your career path is to serve as a team leader who oversees the performance of other agents, relative to the goals and metrics established by the organization. You know that boss who checks in on you every day? That could be you, playing the role of guide to the rest of the team.

When a customer asks the classic question: “Can I speak to the manager?” it’ll be you who steps in to solve the problem. You’ll also be looking at the team’s quality and efficiency levels while managing work schedules and other daily logistics.  

As a supervisor, you will need strong communication and organizational skills, as well as an interest in helping others successfully manage their work. If you already find yourself as the unofficial source of information and insights from your co-workers, this may be a role that you are ready for. And it comes with an increased salary to match the new responsibility you undertake.  

Training Supervisor

CX teams are in extreme need of training supervisors to implement both new-hire and continuous improvement training programs. As a training supervisor, you may be involved in developing the programs as well as implementing them and measuring whether they are being employed effectively. Having performed the role of CX agent yourself, you will have a good eye for what skills the team requires and how best to help the team learn.  

You may find that the training programs in place need an overhaul and will be relied upon to provide recommendations and methods for instituting better tools. You will work with senior leadership to translate the goals of the company into actionable skills for CX agents. If you have a strong analytical mind and the desire to educate others, this is a role that may fit you well.  

Customer Experience Manager

Stepping up to a manager role gives you the opportunity to see the bigger picture. Beyond guiding the day-to-day activities of the CX team, now you will be tasked with setting goals for the department and defining the KPIs that will be used to measure success. You may also be involved with cross-departmental collaboration as you begin to take a more active role in fulfilling a company-wide mission.

As a CX Manager, you will truly begin to transcend the front lines and forge an exciting career path. Earning a role with this level of importance (not to mention compensation) will often require a college a degree. If you can see yourself parlaying your years of CX experience into a managerial position, it is worth considering obtaining a four-year degree if you don’t already have one. Or, you may be able to take that next career step by earning a certificate in business or management. That extra level of education along with your industry experience and track record of performance may be enough to land this kind of promotion.  

Customer Experience Corporate Leadership

Chief Customer Officer? That role is becoming more and more prevalent. Companies are tapping strong performers who truly understand the one-on-one customer experience to implement and manage the policies and overall vision and strategy across the entire operation. Why not you? Here, you will certainly need a college degree, along with a demonstrated record of excellence.  

These professionals are experts in all aspects of the customer experience. You will have a seat at the executive table where you can have an impact on the direction of this vital aspect of the company’s operations. And now you’re talking about salaries that can even reach six figures.

Why Good Companies Support Your Growth

First off, it’s challenging enough to find quality CX agents – let alone trying to identify individuals with the skills, attitude, and reliability necessary to help run the show. Imagine how grateful the company is when a candidate with these abilities emerges internally. They already know what kind of person and employee you are. And now they can save the time and unpredictability of recruiting outside the organization for CX leaders.

There is also the advantage of retention. It only stands to reason that top performers will eventually become interested in broadening their horizons. Why lose those players to competitors or other fields when recognizing and training them can keep them in-house? It’s worth the investment to identify future leaders and bring them along. The same goes in the recruiting process, where outlining a potential career path can be the difference in signing a strong candidate.

Knowing that it’s in your company’s best interests to keep you motivated and on a rewarding career path, don’t be afraid to put your hat in the ring. Talk to your boss and/or your human resources department and let them know that you are ready for more. Together, you can build a plan to position you to bring more to the company, while doing more fulfilling work at a higher salary.  

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